Peace Global has deployed Broad-band through copper cable using DSLAM and DSL modem. This broadband solution is backed with SAT-3 internet backbone.


We do use VSAT to back-up our internet subscribers whenever SAT-3 is down. We used Border Gate-way Protocol (BGP) to integrated SAT-3 bandwidth with VSAT bandwidth in order to maximize uplink bandwidth of SAT-3.


Many of our subscribers have since abandoned their VSAT because of the speed of DSL backed-up with SAT-3 internet backbone. Our robust proxy server ensures that not every request of our subscriber goes to internet; thereby enhancing the speed of the internet to satisfy the customer the more.


More and more subscribers will come on board as time goes on and as we improve on our quality of service. Our cable coverage area is quite large and there are many potential customers. This solution can be configured to have a public IP address if the customer so desires.


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