Peace Global has re-introduced Pay Phone services into Nigeria telecommunication market; after a long interregnum, sequel to non-operational status of most NITEL wired phone exchanges. The call rates of =N= 15 per minute to any network in Nigeria and abroad as from =N= 10 per minute; is most competitive. We have over 100 pay phone terminals on our network and the demand is increasing by the day.

The Pay Phone call rates are affordable, the Pay Phone recharge cards are available, Pay Phone is acceptable because of the competitive call rates and activation of how to use is known to many thereby passing the 4A test of Availability, Affordability Acceptability and Activation. When it comes to Pay Phone, wired telephone networks have advantage over wireless because the power supply to the Pay Phone comes from the telephone Exchange hence Public Power failure in any Pay Phone Location has no effect on the Pay Phone.

With time, we intend to install more Pay Phone terminals hence the concept has become “the spirit of resurrection” which has come to raise wired phones from the dead. Pay Phone runs on a pre-paid billing server and it is self-supervisory. It is vandalism proof and it is for now earning =N= 1,000 daily in some locations. This is about 66.7 minutes of call. With further awareness, each Pay Phone terminal will be utilized for longer period than it is being used presently.

There are cases of people queuing up to use Pay Phones because it is cheap. The Prospect about Pay Phone is that nobody uses it and goes back to other forms of making phone calls because it is the cheapest in the industry. The Pay Phone in itself has steel casing; thereby making it vandalism proof. If we work more on the 4A’s, Pay Phone will take us to the Promised Land, by the grace of God.




  • =N= 15 to call anywhere in Nigeria and any telephone network in Nigeria.
  • Calling of anywhere abroad is as from =N= 10.
  • On picking up the Pay Phone handset, voice prompt will request the customer to enter the pin number.
  • Pin number should be obtained from the Dealer(s); usually around where Pay Phone is located but such pin can be used from any payphone anywhere within our network.
  • After entering the pin number, you should wait until you hear the dialing tone before dialing the number you wish to call. Failure to hear the dialing tone before dialing the number you wish to call will make the billing server to regard the number you wish to call as a pin number and because such number is not known to the billing server data base ,the voice prompt will tell you that you have entered an invalid pin.
  • To fast forward the dialing tone coming up quickly, press hash # after entering pin number.
  • To check credit balance of any pin number,press star. (*) After dialing pin.
  • Pay Phone can be used in receiving hence you can print it on your complimentary cards.
  • Pay Phone is powered from our telephone exchange hence there is no need to recharge the battery or need for electricity at the terminal.
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