This is wired phone’s version of what 3G is for wireless operators. Triple Play is the deployment of three services of Voice, Video and Data over one medium which could be copper or optic fibre.Versa Technology, the manufacturer of our present DSLAM and DSL modem has a DSLAM and DSL modem which can be used in deploying Voice, Video and Data over copper cable and can transmit at 8mbps over 3 kilometers radius.


     With this solution, we do not need fibre to deploy video demand to homes in our cable coverage area where we already have concrete encased ducts and cabinets. The value of our last – mile infrastructure will appreciate when every house starts clamoring for a Video on Demand Service.


          The disadvantage of some of our cable coverage area being residential will be turned into advantage by the concept of Triple Play. If we are to use VSAT to link up with Video contents providers abroad, we already have VSAT licence and if we are to use fibre, we shall link up with GLO 1. We have already sent proposal to GLO 1 in which we suggested 3 possible points of interconnectivity, namely


    • By way of fibre in a JB around Ojodu Berger where both Peace Global and Globacom have underground duct
    • Oregun by way of Microwave Radio Link
    • Medallion in Saka Tinubu and ICN in Necom House where we already have our Points of Presence (POP)

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